Lilac and Opal Urn

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Detail Image

A fascinating aspect of the Lilac Crystal is that it's known as a "color shifter", which means its hue subtly changes to a dusty rose in certain light. With this piece, the white opal appears as wispy clouds against a Lilac background.
Toolmarks cover the surface of the urn, imparting the look of having been hand carved from marble or gemstone.
Copper bands, with a deep mahogany patina and beaten surface are attached to the sides of the urn. These bands serve as the anchor for the hinges that fasten the lid securely to the urn. The hinge pins can be easily pulled apart so that the lid may be removed. This allows access to the contents of the urn and and the ability to replace the lid.
This urn is a timeless vessel with a fineness of material and workmanship that guarantees its museum quality.

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Weight:23.000 lbs