Aquamarine Blue Urn

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Detail Image

At first glance the coloration of this urn seems simple, but something about it draws you in. The source of this fascination is the depth of the coloration. The opal translucent effect occurs on the interior surface, and its patterns provide a backdrop for the aquamarine. This quality is what makes crystal urns unique, and differentiates them from other materials; their coloration doesn't reside on the surface, but is seen throughout the crystal, which is one half inch thick. Along the sides the crystal is thicker, which causes a darker hue of blue, adding to the mystery of the effect. Beaten copper bands with a rich green patina are attached to the sides of the urn. These, along with the band on the lid, serve to attach the lid by means of hinge joints and removable hinge pins.
The carved surface, and worked copper of this urn bespeak the fine hand craftsmanship involved in the creation of this urn

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